Jodhpur the Suncity was founded by chief of Rajput clan Maharaja Rao Jodha in the year 1459. The city also known as Jodhana in earlier days and is named after him. The houses in the city are painted blue to keep it cool so Jodhpur is also called City of Blue Houses. The city of Jodhpur flourished into a modern city with all the amenities under the kingdom of Maharaja Umaid Singh.

Jodhpur is culturally very rich. From earlier era's there are number of festivals that are celebrated with all the rituals. Few of the festivals celebrated in Jodhpur are Teej, Gangaur, Kaaga Mela, Ramdev Baba Mela. In the recent years Jodhpur is serving as a platform for many international festivsls. World Sacared Spirit Festival is Sufi Music festival conducted in Jodhpur, RIFF folk festival is also being performed every year. The graceful palaces like Umaid Bhawan , forts like Maherangarh and temples and gardens like Mandore Garden, cenotaph like Jaswant Thada strewn throughout the city bring alive the historic grandeur of the city. Leading a romantic aura to Jodhpur are it's folk dances and music like Ghoomar. The folks are found dressed in brightly attire. The Odhanis of Jodhpuri females are vibrant and colourful. The males are generally found wearing turbans called Safas. The popular tight horse riding trousers 'Jodhpurs' got there name from the city only. The bazars of Jodhpur have a range of items from tie and die textiles, articles made from camel lather, antiques, carpets, puppets, marble articles and silver jewellery.